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In this edition, we have continued the effort of previous editions: to provide a resource that is useful for teaching the facts of pharmacy law, providing a degree of depth to support those facts, and stimulating critical thinking about issues in the field. The Ninth Edition retains the format of the Eighth Edition while incorporating several of the relevant changes that have recently occurred in pharmacy law. Please refer to “New to the Ninth Edition” for a more detailed description of the changes between the previous edition and this updated Ninth Edition. Some of the changes and updates are the result of suggestions from faculty who use this book as an assigned text in their pharmacy law courses. We appreciate the valuable feedback from those using this book and we hope that we continue to receive this feedback. Our thanks to Professor Rajul Patel, PharmD, PhD, for reviewing and editing the Medicare Part D section in Chapter 6. Although we acknowledge with gratitude the input from many trusted colleagues, we accept full responsibility for any omissions or deficiencies anyone might find in this Ninth Edition. 


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